Come meet the author Tim Benedict

Author Tim Benedict, aka T. Russell Benedict

About the Author T. Russell Benedict (Timothy Benedict)
T. Russell Benedict grew up in Boise, Idaho, the oldest of four, in a family that was very “low income”. Nevertheless, they played together, prayed together, lived in South America for two years together while Dad Benedict helped build a mission hospital, and just in general enjoyed life together. Tim asked Yahweh God to be his Savior/God while a young boy, and grew up in church, but walked away from Yahweh as a late teenager after the death of a friend.
It took Yahweh God several years of gentle patience and persistent, consistent love to draw T. Russell back to Himself, a place that this author hasn’t strayed too far from ever since.
After working in various careers, moving a lot, occasionally attending college to further a degree, and playing music for different churches, he eventually married a single mother with one boy and moved back to Boise, Idaho, to build a family. This began seven years of character building in the midst of anguish of heart and the birth of a daughter. After an unhappy divorce, he moved to the mountains to heal while also dreaming of building a youth ranch there.
After several years of quiet healing, while focusing on the youth ranch project, Yahweh brought him a new wife and family, with seven new children. In His own way, Yahweh gave him his ‘instant’ youth ranch, complete with eight children.
This ushered in the next phase of life for T. Russell, one of raising eight previously wounded children as his own, taking in and caring for other ‘lost’ or ‘stray’ children along the way, being active in his local church and community, being a firefighter, researching history and technology, and writing books. He still also dreams of someday building a “real” camp and prayer retreat center in the mountains, where other people can also retreat from the chaos of their world to seek the face of Yahweh, to find peace, healing, and comfort in their creator’s arms, while hiding in the shadows of mountain heights.
This particular book, “Tales From The Alaskan Side,” came together after spending several years working, traveling, and exploring across Alaska.
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