Got a cool story about the state you live in?
Story Guidelines
  • Is it a story that people can shake their heads and say “Only in (your state)…” about? That’s what we’re looking for, though we might make exceptions for the occasional, REALLY GOOD story that has an awesome moral, makes people laugh, or includes genuine survival tips for your state.
  • Family friendly (no NSFW, adult, or x-rated stories please). NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Toilet or bathroom humor is also frowned upon unless told very creatively and tactfully.
  • Has to be something you can learn from, ie. include a “Moral of the Story” if you can, even if it’s a funny one.
  • Should include a “Tip for surviving (your state)”, but it’s not required. It just helps make the story more interesting, pertinent, and memorable.
  • Not too long. It should be a story that can be read in one sitting, 5~15 minutes or so, tops. No “books”, please. If you want to talk to us about publishing a book under Evergreen Mountain Publishing, or Duct Tape Press, then please go visit those sites and follow the submission directions there.
  • No pictures, videos, or other media allowed. We’re looking for oral or written stories that people can remember, sit around and tell over a beer, or around a campfire.
  • Please no copyrighted stories. PLEASE! Send us stories that anyone can read and share.
  • Remember! If you don’t want the whole internet to read and share your story, then don’t submit it.

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