They’ll make you smile, they’ll make you mad,
they’ll make you laugh, and they’ll make you sad.
If you want to truly understand what makes Alaska tick,
in all of it many facets, then this book is for you.
A must-read for anyone planning to travel to Alaska,
for whatever the reason.
And if you just got BACK from visiting Alaska, and you’re
wondering what the heck just happened, then this book
might have some insights for you as well…
Thirty One stories and essays on the biggest, prettiest,
most diverse state in the nation, gathered while working
and exploring all across Alaska from 2013-2016.
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From the actual Prologue in the book itself, Tales From The Alaskan Side…

Dear Reader,

Each of the following tales is a true story or factoid, believe it or not, because they either happened to myself, or to good friends of mine. There are several exceptions that came to me by way of the internet, but I saw the pictures on one of them, so I can attest to its validity as well. Also, some names have been changed to protect the innocent, while some have not, but again, the stories and facts themselves are real.

The essays that are interspersed among the stories, are my own thoughts and observations of what make the great state of Alaska tick, in all of its many diverse facets.

I gathered these tales over the last three or four years while working at various jobs all across Alaska, all the way from Nome in the Northwest, to Bethel in the Southwest, Yakutat in the Southeast, and all parts in between. I never made it up as far north as Barrow, or down south past Juneau, but I saw enough that I think I’ve captured the essence of what makes Alaska, Alaska, in all of its many contrasts, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. Many of these stories have already been told around campfires, at a local youth ranch for troubled kids where I also work part time, and even just while chatting with friends over tea or coffee.

Some of these Alaskan tales will make you laugh. Some of them will break your heart. Some of them will make you so mad you’ll want to spit. Some will give you the heeby-jeebies and just plain gross you out (don’t say I didn’t warn you). Some of them will make you ponder, and some of them will just plain warm up your insides with all sorts of warm little fuzzies.

I was having a conversation with a friend one time, and he was asking if I ever watched any of the Alaskan Reality shows on TV. I said “No,” because I didn’t like their “over dramatization.” But then after listening to some of my own tales, he just started laughing and told me that the reality shows don’t have nuthin on what I was telling him, that somehow the drama in my own tales and stories was better than any reality show he had ever watched. I just had to shrug.

But here they are. I’ve included a “Moral of the Story” with most of them along with some of my own thoughts, because I figure that if you can’t learn something from each story, then why tell it? Yes, some of them are distinctly spiritual thoughts, while some of them are just plain “good morals” to live by, but all of them bear remembering. At the end, I’ve thrown in a little bit of my own unique view of life in this universe, and how it has shaped me as well, and thus, why all of these stories mean something to me.

I’ve also included a bunch of my own “Tips for Surviving Alaska,” thoughts along the way, for anyone wanting to visit Alaska and truly understand what they are experiencing.

With that said, read on! Enjoy! And hopefully, if you ever get to Alaska yourself someday, you’ll be a little better prepared for what you are getting yourself into.

If nothing else, you’ll have a few new tales under your belt that you can pass along yourself around the camp fire some evening out in the wilderness, where ever you might be.

By the way, if we ever bump into each other someday, tell me what you thought, what you learned, and what your favorite story was out of the batch. I’d truly be interested to know.


Timothy Russell Benedict

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